Overview of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is all about efficiency and performance. Share documents and images or compose a quick reply by accessing the website on your device. Most features you know and love are present and we're adding more as we go.

Customize your mailbox.

  • Theme - Adjust how much of an image or a splash of color you experience in your inbox.
  • Inbox spacing- Change the distance between emails in your Inbox.
  • Message layout - Streamline your Inbox to view just a list of emails or a message preview pane.

Use automated tools to keep your Inbox clean.

  • Filters - Sort incoming email to any folder.
  • Archive - Archive an email if you don't want to commit to deleting it.
  • Conversations - Every time you reply to an email, they will be grouped together.
  • Views - View all emails based on a topic, such as photos, documents, receipts and more.

Create events using Yahoo Calendar.

Easily book meetings, events, and receive reminders about upcoming activities with Yahoo Calendar. Keeping everything in one place ensures you always know what's coming up in your busy life.

Security and privacy features

As part of Yahoo's commitment to our user's safety, we strive to be on top of the best security features in the industry.

  • Phishing alerts - When an email address sends you a message that looks suspicious, we'll alert you.
  • Spam alerts - When an email address from your contact list sends you a message that looks suspicious, we will mark it as spam.
  • Reply-to alerts - When you replay to an email address and we detect as suspicious, we'll to notify you with an alert on the top of the message.